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Fears & Phobias
Panic Attacks
Physical Conditions
Chronic Pain
Emotional conditions
Mind-Body conditions
Unexplained conditions
Anxiety or Worry
Dissociative conditions
Eating problems
Weight problems
Behavioral conditions
Mental conditions

Identity Issues
Sexual problems
Sleep problems
Paranormal phenomena
Spiritual Conditions


These are just some of the issues many of us have to contend with on a daily basis. But regardless of how debilitating or uncomfortable conditions like these may be, they are temporary baggage that we don’t have to carry around forever. Many people have overcome these conditions and so can you.

Almost all of us have some unwanted conditions we would like to get rid of.  We may try traditional medicine, psychology, drugs, or any number of alternative treatments, to get relief; and these do help.  However, all too often, such remedies are only designed to manage symptoms while the real causes remain unaddressed. This is because few people understand the critical role our own minds and consciousness play in all unwanted personal conditions.

I have studied transformational processes most of my life and have been facilitating healing and self-discovery since 1991. I have myself suffered from many of the conditions listed above, but I was able to clear them up using a method I developed and have been utilizing over the last twenty five years called Identity Resolution or ID-R.  Using ID-R and advanced clinical Hypnotherapy during this time has allowed me to acquire a deep understanding of trauma, dissociation, mind-body conditions, and spiritual phenomena, and enabled me to help others make similar changes.

ID-R is a method of getting to the root of any internal problem, and resolving it completely.  It  works by directing your attention in a way that allows you recognize and re-process whatever is necessary to get your condition handled. You will discover that you have all the power and  resources you need to do this.  I take the time to listen, understand, and help you to see things clearly. You do the work and you get the results.  Yes it does take some effort on your part but the results have been quite amazing!  See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. *

If you have tried everything and you want better results, this is what you are looking for.  Imagine how great it will be to be free of the obstacles that keep getting in your way!  Why wait?  Call (209) 462-2339 with any questions or to discuss the possibilities.

It’s important to understand that I’m not a doctor or psychologist and I don’t make any diagnosis or give any kind of treatment.  ID-R is not psychology and it’s not medical in nature.

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